World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

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Today is World Mental Health Day.  


1 in 4 people experience a mental health issue whereas, only 1 in 8 people access support for their mental health concern. 


This is your reminder today to check in on yourself, your friends, your family, and your loved ones. Take control of your own wellbeing and remember it is ok to reach out for support if you need to talk to someone. 


Normally, speaking your emotions aloud can reduce the weight of the load you are carrying and start the process of accessing the right support. De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) stands with you, wants to remind you about the importance of self-care and for anyone who is struggling that you are not alone. 


It has been quite a busy period over these last few weeks from arriving at DMU, moving in, meeting new people, enjoying Freshers, and starting your course! You probably have experienced change, nerves and perhaps a little uncertainty but we hope that you have now begun to settle and, managing to enjoy yourself and most importantly, taken a moment to prioritise your wellbeing.  


Throughout life you may experience negative emotions, such as stress, low mood, or anxiety. This is ok and completely normal. As we have approached the end of Freshers and the beginning of your studies, we want to encourage anyone who encounters any negative emotions that start to impact their wellbeing and academic studies, to please not suffer in silence!  


There are lots of support networks available at DMU and externally who are willing to help. There are also a few practical things you can implement into your student day to ensure you are looking after your mental wellbeing and try for yourself! 


It is important to note If you do experience prolonged negative thoughts or low mood make sure you speak to your GP as soon as you can to ensure that the right support is put in place. 


Who can you speak to at DMU? 

Sometimes, it can be difficult?to?know who to speak to first!?There is lots of support available at DMU?regarding mental health and wellbeing?and any option is a good place to start!  

Book a?Single Point of Access appointment (SPA) VIA my?Gateway

  • A?45-minute?appointment.? 
  • An opportunity to discuss your situation with a member of support staff.? 

  • You will be offered advice on the day and/or a referral made to a member of the wellbeing team.? 

  • At the end of the appointment, you will be given an action plan of what to do next.? 

Mental Health Team?? 

The Mental Health Team at DMU offers support for students with either existing mental health conditions or?anyone who has a?mental health?concern. You can email the team directly at?


Personal tutor/Module leader

It is important you reach out to your personal tutor and module leaders regarding how you are feeling and any struggles you are experiencing. This is so the appropriate support can be put in place for you academically and personally.?This could be things such as extensions on assignments.? 


Speak to us

You can speak to the DSU Advice and Wellbeing team! Although we are not?the?mental health experts, we most certainly can have a friendly chat, talk through your worries, and point you in the right direction. You can contact us by emailing  



If you feel at immediate risk, contact 999 or head to your nearest A&E department 



What can you do for self-care? 

Here is a list of activities which you can implement in your day to ensure you are taking active steps in keeping a positive wellbeing: 

  • Take a break  

  • Do something you enjoy  

  • Connect and meet others – There are well over 100 student groups and volunteering opportunities at DSU, you are sure to find something for everyone 

  • Talk to someone – This could be a friend, a family member, someone at DMU or a support service 

  • Keep to a routine AM/PM 

All these tasks can play an active role in organising our thoughts, channeling positive emotions, and releasing physiological feel-good hormones, creating a balance of self-care, and building on our personal wellbeing. 


Your mental health is a priority. 

You are worth it; you are valued, and you are not wasting anyone’s time. 


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