What it's like being a student volunteer

What it's like being a student volunteer

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Student Volunteering Week (SVW) is the time to celebrate student volunteers, their experiences and accomplishments. 

In that spirit, we are sharing the testimonies of three students who have been volunteering for Quetzal, a Leicester-based charity that supports women who suffered from childhood sexual abuse. 

Dhara Suryakumar, MSC Marketing Management student, reflected on the importance volunteering has had in her life so far and the reason why she enjoys it. 

“Volunteering in any capacity is a rewarding endeavor and has always been a part of my life – it has allowed me to give back to my community and forge strong relationships with like-minded individuals.” 

Similarly, Jilly Kosar, 3rd-year Psychology student, said that her experience volunteering with Quetzal, aside from promoting a sense of fulfilment through selfless actions, has helped her develop a wider professional network. 

“The work that I have been doing with Quetzal has allowed me to gain a natural sense of accomplishment through helping others."

“Also, it has helped to advance my career opportunities through building connections,” said Jilly. 

Additionally, Zoe Fawkner, final year Media and Communication student, said this experience broadned her horizons and helped her learn outside academic life. 

“Quetzal has educated me on many topics I would not have even thought if I had not started volunteering for them."

Finally, all three students agree that they met incredible people through volunteering. 

“I have also met some incredibly intelligent and kind people through volunteering with Quetzal. The other community connectors were so welcoming and would always offer their support,” said Zoe. 

Dhara added: “I have also had the privilege of meeting and working with other brilliant volunteers, whose work and enthusiasm continues to inspire me." 

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