We hope you get the results you want!

We hope you get the results you want!

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We now approach the dreaded wait as the release of results are among us. Fear, worry, anxiety and excitement. The anticipation can seem like it lasts lifetime!


De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) want to congratulate all of you on your hard work over the past year. There is nothing you can do now apart from wait, relax and enjoy some well deserved time to relax.


The past few years have seen assignment and exam seasons like no other before. There has been change, confusion and adaptation to cope with unprecedented times. We, at DSU, understand the release of results will come with its ups and downs, so we wanted to check in, see how you are doing and talk about your options. 


Academic attainment does not define us as individuals. No matter what your results are, remember, the future is bright. Do not be too hard on yourself and be proud of your achievements so far. If you feel disappointed with your results, see it as an inconvenience but not the end of your journey to success. We learn and grow every day and there is still time to figure things out and bounce back. 


Have a moment to reflect on the process. Think back to your assignment(s) or exam(s), what do you believe went well? What were you proud of? What would you do differently next time? Find the positives and the negatives of your experience. The beauty of reflection is you can learn and put this into practice at the next opportunity. This is how we achieve and succeed! 


Graduating student looking at camera during ceremony


1st, 2:1, 2:2 3rd or fail - embrace it! Feel confident in your result when you receive them.


CELEBRATE! Don’t see your success as a fluke or start to doubt yourself. Challenge those negative thoughts and find comfort in your achievements and hard work. This is a time to congratulate yourself.


If you didn’t get result you wanted, don’t shy away from your disappointment. You are allowed to feel upset. Everyone fails at something at some point in their life. It is normal, it’s ok but understandably, it can feel annoying! Talk to your loved ones and remind yourself it is ok to feel disappointed. 


Sometimes when we get results it might feel the outcome is unfair, or you feel injustice because of a certain circumstance. If you think there is a problem with your results, don’t worry, remember you have options and rights as a student: 


Option 1:

Talk to your faculty. If you are unsure why you got the mark you did, follow this up. Request to sit down and talk through the outcome of the decision. If you do not feel satisfied or have not found peace of mind from this discussion, take some time to gather your thoughts. If you still feel there is an issue with your results remember there are other options that you can consider such as an appeal. 


Option 2:

You can appeal the decision of your results. This means requesting for the reconsideration of a decision by an assessment board. To be considered for an appeal, you must have grounds, and these include; if you believe there were alleged errors in the way an assessment or a decision-making process was managed or that there are suspected errors in the way an assessment has been marked. For instance, if there were irregularities in the communication of an assessment or if your mark differs drastically to what was expected. You can find out more about the appeals process here. 


Option 3:

Speak to our Advice & Wellbeing team if you’re unsure! They’ll be able to help you with your appeals, complaints and support you during this time. You can find out more on what they can assist you with, including how to get in touch with them, here.



There are lots of reasons why the build-up to receiving results can be a stressful period and this is completely normal. Try to enjoy and make the most of this period! You have done everything you can, you can’t change anything now, so focus on the present and look forward. 


No matter what happens, the future is bright, even if it might be difficult to see straight away. Trust the process of time and celebrate you. 


Good Luck! 





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