Thousands of students decide who will #LeadYourDSU

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Thousands of DMU students have already had their say on who should #LeadYourDSU, but there’s still time to have your voice heard if you haven’t voted already.

Polling stations have been set up on campus to give students another platform to vote in this year’s De Montfort Students’ Union elections.

You can view all of the candidates running for five full-time and six part-time positions on the #LeadYourDSU pages here.


Once you’ve done that, make sure your voice is heard and vote here.


The stations have provided students, particularly those without a laptop or computer at home, with the opportunity to cast their votes and have their say while walking through campus.

Mill Lane Voting Station: 7 March-11 March 10:00-16:00
Library Voting Station: 7, 9 and 11 March 10:00-16:00
Hugh Aston Voting Station: 8 March 10:00-16:00
Hawthorn Voting Station: 10 March 10:00-16:00

Dean Bareford, a final year Media Production student, said: “Sometimes when you get back to your house or your halls or wherever, you don’t really want to load up the page and you just want to relax. But here it gives you a chance, really quickly, just to do it rather than forgetting about it, really.

 “It’s helpful for the candidates themselves too because they can speak to people and get them to come over and vote straight away, but also for the students who are actually voting.

 “It only takes a minute. I feel that once you’ve read everyone’s manifestos, it’s vital.

“For me, it’s almost like leaving something behind. You get to vote on what happens for the students’ union representatives, and that carries on for the next year.”

Fred Condie, a second year BSC Music Technology student, said that the elections matter as it is important that students are properly represented by their peers.

He added: “It’s good to make sure there’s a few younger people from our generation ensuring that our university is heading in the right direction, that’s the real good thing about it.

“Obviously if they are studying at the university, and they’ve got friends here, they can say, ‘It’ll be better like this or better like that’, but if it was a middle-aged man doing the job maybe he wouldn’t have a clue what the students want.

“The stations are helpful, and it’s good that [DSU] are doing it.”

Polls close at 2pm on Friday 11 March, and the elected candidates will be announced at 5pm later that day.

We’ve also got live stats to show you who’s been voting from each faculty and who needs to catch up. You can see the live stats here – make sure you represent your course!


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