Students have their say at The Big Meet

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Scores of students gathered last night at ‘The Big Meet’, DSU’s Annual General Meeting.

The students’ union’s executive officers led an engaging and interactive AGM, where students were invited to use their phones to register their satisfaction levels on various matters, and comment on how to improve their DSU.

Students were also given a run-down of DSU’s current and lapsed policies, the annual accounts for the past year and the budgets for 2015-2016.

A huge number of students were present at the meeting, including members of Demon Media and various sports and societies, as well as a number of course representatives and part-time officers.

These included Daniel Murgatroyd, LGBTQ+ representative, who said that The Big Meet was extremely worthwhile and was fundamental to running a successful and transparent students’ union.

He said: “It’s important. It helped us to be informed and helped the reps and execs become known to everyone.

“It helps us shape how the students’ union is run over the next few years and truly makes it representative for what students need.”

Jannie Low, who is studying a Master’s in Design Management and Entrepreneurship, praised the format and content of the AGM, as well as the convivial atmosphere.

She said: “It was good. We had a lot of information, and some of the information was important.

“[The execs] invited us to raise issues, and students and reps became more aware of some of the issues.

“It was a friendly conference because it wasn’t so formal.”

The next AGM is Tuesday 6 December 2016, but don’t forget you can attend education and activities councils all year round and have your say. You can find out more about councils here.


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