Student in the Spotlight: Laura Jayne Rowe

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Love sport? Chair of a society? Or just getting involved with something new? We're going to be picking one DMU student each week as our ‘Student in the Spotlight’, to celebrate their successes, achievements and discover a bit more about them and what they're up to!

This week we’re joined by Laura Jayne Rowe, a third year student studying Accounting and Finance. She is also the treasurer of climbing and a member of the trampolining club. Let’s find out a bit about her!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your sporting background.
So, at the age of seven I used to go to gymnastics classes at Oadby and Wigston Gymnastics Club, and loved it! I regularly went up to the age of 16. After this age, as well as training, I got involved with coaching gymnastics and helping some of the younger members of the club progress. I also had a passion for trampolining, so used to help out with some basic coaching for this too.

At the age of 19 in the summer before I started at DMU, I went to Camp America and taught gymnastics for three months. It was the best experience, and I knew I wanted to apply to do it again. I really enjoyed being involved with other sports, and developed a real passion for climbing.

How did you get involved with climbing and trampolining at DSU?
In my first year, I was pretty shy and didn’t really think about joining a sports team or society. In my second year I came out of my shell more, and decided I would sign up for climbing at the Freshers Fair. I went to all the climbing sessions and ended up entering all the climbing competitions that year. This really helped boost my confidence, so much so I became treasurer of the club. I really enjoy the role and it has given me some practical experience.

I have been waiting for a trampoline sports club to be set up and contemplated setting one up in my second year but so glad Lauren set it up this year. I have been a regular to the sessions, which have been great fun and I have learnt a lot from our coach. I am so excited to enter the competition in Cambridge next week.

What plans are in the pipeline for your team this year?
We have so much going on this year compared to last, with our #DMUglobal application to Costa Blanca. We also have our big charity climb up Snowdon coming up in a few weeks in which we are hoping to have more than 60 students going, so if interested have a look on the DMU Climbing Club Facebook Page for more details. We also have competitions and Varsity to look forward to as well. Exciting times!

What would you say to anyone who wants to join a sports team?
Do it! I wish I joined in my first year; it will make your University experience so much more worthwhile.

Try something new! Most students look for the mainstream sports at Freshers Fair, but why not sign up to a sport or activity you haven’t done before. At least give it a try and the taster session, you may learn some new skills.

What are your plans whilst at DMU and for the future?
I am in my final year, so need to keep my head down and concentrate on doing the best I can in my degree. I also want to make sure I leave the climbing club on a stable financial footing for the next treasurer of the club.

After DMU I want to travel a bit, hopefully go back to America, then eventually try and get a job in Fraud Analysis.

Thanks Laura, and good luck from all at DSU!

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