Student in the Spotlight: Ben Howgill

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Love sport? Chair of a society? Or just getting involved with something new? We're going to be picking one DMU student each week as our ‘Student in the Spotlight’, to celebrate their successes, achievements and discover a bit more about them and what they're up to!

This week we’re joined by Ben Howgill, Demon Media's Online Editor. Let’s find out a bit about him!

Why did you get involved in Demon Media at DSU?
I saw Demon Media as a big entity within the students' union and getting involved with the union was something I was interested in doing. I had worked closely with societies as chairman already so this was a another step up for me. I also had a keen interest in media and journalism prior to coming to university with media, communications and journalism ranking in my decision of what course to take. Computing won out in the end, but Demon Media scratched that itch I had when it came to media.

Ben was part of the team that picked up the Strand of the Year award at The SULETS Demon Media Awards 2016.

What have you been doing when it comes to Demon Media at DSU?
I was brought onboard as Online Editor for The Demon magazine strand within Demon Media. This past year has given me the opportunity to work with some incredible writers and editors to make this strand stand out! We have completely revamped the magazine and website to be as accessible and student friendly as possible. Further changes and shuffles we make with running the strand will hopefully mean that The Demon (both magazine and website) will be the number one source of media and entertainment on campus!

What has been the best part of your time with Demon Media?
It sounds a little clichéd but meeting as many talented people as I have this year has to be a highlight! The amount I've learned and developed with other Demon Media members is something I hold equally dear. The fun I've had with my own DemonFM show is definitely up there as well! 

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining Demon Media?
Even if you aren't studying on a media or English based course, there is room for your many skills and talents here at Demon Media however niche it may be. You can make a lot of friends with similar interests and you'll learn a lot of valuable skills that you can take forward into your careers later on. 

What is next for you?
I've got one more year at DMU. I've been kept on as Online Editor, so I've got one more year to accomplish everything I wish to do and to develop my skills. I'm excited to see what the next lot of freshers bring but equally what the returning writers and editors bring to the table. It's going to be a big year for Demon Media with half of management changing and Mike Mayes at the helm. I'm excited to see where it all goes!

To find out more about Demon Media at DSU, click here.


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