Student Volunteering Week - Wednesday Update

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The third day of Student Volunteering Week at DSU saw the launch of our 'History of DSU' exhibition - highlighting RAG, charity and volunteering events from the 1930s right up to the present day.

James Edwards, Researcher and Curator Frontrunner at DSU and third-year DMU History student, said: “Over the past five months I have been reading through handbooks and going through the archives and we have tried to gather as much information as possible.

“We’ve focused this exhibition on RAG, volunteering and showing achievements and awards because there is just so much to display. It runs all the way through from the 1930s to the present day.

“I don’t think I could choose a favourite – I don’t know if I could put it down to one thing, but looking at the journey both the students’ union and the university have taken through the years has been fascinating. It is really nice to see how it has changed for the better and the increasing investment in students.

“This is something I would definitely consider doing in the future as I have really enjoyed my time researching the past. It is just amazing to see how much students have been involved throughout the life of De Montfort Students’ Union and is a great representation of the university as a whole.”

Many students, staff and past DSU members alike attended the exhibition, looking at memories from the past as well as plans for the future.

Lynette Williams, President of De Montfort Students’ Union in 2012/13, said: “I guess I am technically part of the history of DSU! It is fascinating to see how the students’ union and the university have developed right through to now.

“I think the RAG [Raise and Give] stuff is most interesting because in the past it looks like you could get away with being more ‘creative’ shall we say. I’m not sure we could get away with that now!"

The morning also saw a nationwide social media Thunderclap as coordinated by DSU's volunteering office highlighting a regional video produced by our very own Demon Media volunteers. The message was tweeted, shared and posted by more than a hundred accounts at once from eight institutions across the Midlands - and more - and reached a possible 233, 755 people. You can view the video here.

The day also saw 'Walking Wednesday' where students were given the opportunity to head into the city centre with members of DSU's volunteering team to visit some of the organisations we work with. They found out more about them, saw how close they are to campus and ultimately confirmed just how much of a change volunteers can make - one student signed up to volunteer with mentoring service Twenty Twenty there and then!

It was brilliant to see so many of you get involved with Wednesday of Student Volunteering Week – make sure you get involved with our Painting Project and Takeover Thursday! See what’s on by clicking here.


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