Student Volunteering Week 2021

Student Volunteering Week 2021

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Student Volunteering Week 2021

Today marks the start of Student Volunteering Week 2021. 

This year, Student Volunteering Week will run from Monday 8 February to Friday 12 February, and is a time to celebrate all student volunteers! 

Even though volunteering has been affected by the current pandemic, our students have not stopped taking time to help support others. From leading a society, to representing their peers, student volunteers have been unstoppable, so the time has come to celebrate them. 

During this week there will be many events, activities, and updates to support student volunteers and provide a chance for all to learn more about ways in which they can volunteer virtually or face-to-face. 

Events will range from CV workshops to a Panel and a Virtual Volunteering Fair, so make sure you check the full schedule for Student Volunteering Week here

Kaozara Oyalowo, Student Opportunities Coordinator, said volunteering is a wonderful way of meeting new people, but most importantly, of improving students’ wellbeing. 

“There are many benefits that volunteering brings which include improving one’s wellbeing. In fact, research shows that acts of kindness and giving can help create a sense of purpose and self-worth." 

Aside from that, Kaozara added that volunteering is a wonderful way to enhance your CV and develop important skills.  

“You might also be thinking of ways to develop new skills for life after university and there are many opportunities available to develop those skills.” 

To know more and/or get started click here or contact the Activities team at .  




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