Student Group Development Fund 2020/21

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De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) is committed to supporting our student groups and this is more important than ever with restrictions in place to safeguard against COVID-19.

The Development Fund is available to provide financial support for you to run and improve your Club, Society or Volunteering Group. Whether this is equipment or tech support during these challenging times.

Due to COVID-19 the membership fee for student groups has been set at £0 to remove barriers. Due to the lack of income for our groups, we have increased the Development fund from £5000 to £10,000 this year. An additional £5000 has been budgeted for payment of online platforms and technical requirements groups need to function virtually. 

There are two sections to the Development Fund which you can apply for:


Online Platform Funding and Technology Application

This is available if you are looking for funding for platforms and technology to run your student group online. This includes access to a Union Zoom account paid for by the Students’ Union  


Student Group Funding Application

To request funding for anything else which will assist with the running and development of your group.  


You can find more?information here.


What funding can be used for:

  • Educational talks or seminars 

  • Performance (except BUCS Sports Teams) 

  • Equipment that is essential to the running of the student group

  • Fundraising and charity events costs – this money will only be considered if you clearly detail how you intend to spend at least 25% overall (including development fund grant and self-funding costs) of the money you intend to raise 

  • General applications more closely linked with the running of the society will also be considered, a common example will be a promotional campaign or event to recruit more members. 


Examples of those projects which funding will not be awarded for:

  • Donations to any other organisations, this includes charities and political parties.

  • Purchasing of alcohol

  • Donations to other charities

  • Expenses to attend a political rally/demo for non-student related issues 

  • Any other projects which are against the DSUs mission or values, or its legal obligations 


If you have any questions relating to funding for your student group, please feel free to contact the Activities Team by emailing them at and they'd be happy to help.




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