Statement regarding use of social media

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When you share or say something via social media private message or chat group, you can never be sure where it will end up. If it is leaked you will be held accountable for what you have said.

If you see something on social media that is offensive or libel towards a DMU student or student group, this needs to be reported immediately to De Montfort Students’ Union. This can be done either via one of your elected representatives or through our communications team (

This will then be investigated and dealt with appropriately. DO NOT directly respond yourself. Retweeting, replying to or commenting will be seen as promoting this behaviour and you will be held accountable for this.  

Offensive, slanderous and libel behaviour, both on and offline, will not be tolerated by De Montfort Students’ Union.

We are investigating current allegations of online libel and hate both from and towards members of the union.