Society and Sport Club Committee By-Election Results

Find out who the latest additions to your 2024/25 Society and Sport club committees are.

An additional 51 students have been elected to serve on your sport club and society committees for the 2024/25 academic year. They will be joining the 190 students who were elected onto committees in March.

Please refer to the list below for the successful candidates elected in the by-election to serve as committee members for the student group in 2024/2025.

  • Ahlulbayt Islamic Society – Chairperson        Alina Velji
  • Ahlulbayt Islamic Society – Secretary            Turab Raza
  • Ahlulbayt Islamic Society – Treasurer            Rayhan Halani
  • Ahlulbayt Islamic Society - Wellbeing Officer Sarah fatema Mohamed Abbas Somji Somji
  • Archery – Chairperson            Dylan Hough
  • Badminton - Wellbeing Officer            Lisa Tyrrell
  • Believers LoveWorld – Chairperson   David Obi
  • Believers LoveWorld – Treasurer       Deborah Uche
  • Believers LoveWorld - Wellbeing Officer       Clementine Bohlolo
  • Bhangra - Chairperson           Shelly Singh
  • Bhangra - Secretary    Diana-Andreea Besliu
  • Bhangra - Wellbeing Officer   Alisha Flora
  • Climbing - Health & Safety     Joe Riley
  • Dance Society - Wellbeing Officer     Grace McNally
  • Demon Media - Secretary       Jamie Summerfield
  • Engineering Society - Chairperson     Robert Frant
  • Engineering Society - Treasurer         Prosper Matanhire
  • Filipino - Chairperson  Anton J Antonino
  • Football (Men's) - Chairperson           Shaun Rupere
  • Forensic Science Society - Wellbeing Officer            Felix Austin-Ricketts
  • Hellenic-Cypriot Society - Chairperson          Maria Alexandrou
  • Hellenic-Cypriot Society - Secretary  Zena Charaki
  • Hellenic-Cypriot Society - Treasurer  Eirini Zacharia
  • Hellenic-Cypriot Society - Wellbeing Officer  Giorgos Charalampidis
  • Demon Media - Wellbeing Officer      Calum/Cal Lucas
  • Engineering Society - Wellbeing Officer        Prosper Matanhire
  • Hockey - Chairperson Tanatswa Mapfumo
  • Hockey - Secretary     Eve Cunningham
  • Islamic Society - Chairperson Tasneem Chowdhury
  • Islamic Society - Secretary     Rupi Kaur
  • Islamic Society - Treasurer     Abdullah Darwich
  • Islamic Society - Wellbeing Officer     Halimo Mohamed
  • LGBTQ+ Society - Wellbeing Officer Felix Austin-Ricketts
  • Nintendo - Secretary   Charlie Mayhew
  • Pole Fitness - Secretary         Amiliah Riaz
  • Pole Fitness - Treasurer         James Houghton-sell
  • Psychology Society - Chairperson     Laura Robinson
  • Psychology Society - Secretary          Leonard Sandu
  • Psychology Society - Treasurer         Wiktoria Kunz
  • Psychology Society - Wellbeing Officer         Violet Mitocaru
  • Rock and Metal Society - Secretary   Edie Belliveau
  • Rowing - Treasurer     Kieran Kaye
  • Rugby (Women's) - Treasurer            Millie Gibbons
  • Sikh Society - Chairperson     Simran Dhillon
  • Sikh Society - Secretary         Simran Dhillon
  • Sikh Society - Treasurer         Aaron Singh Ram Ram
  • Sikh Society - Health and Safety Officer        Manraaj Sidhu
  • TCG Society - Chairperson    Gary Rogers-Dobedoe
  • TCG Society - Secretary         Grace Harris
  • TCG Society - Treasurer        Dylan Mather
  • Volleyball - Treasurer Sammy Ahmed


241 positions have been filled across 117 groups, however, there are still vacant non-core roles available. A by-election and additional round of voting will be held in the early weeks of the upcoming academic year. This will allow student groups a final opportunity to fill any remaining committee roles and provide first-year students the chance to get involved.


Any sports clubs or societies that have not successfully filled all four core committee roles will be disaffiliated on June 30th and placed into our Save a Society program. This initiative will allow students who were not part of the current committee the opportunity to revitalise the group for the 2024/25 academic year. Each society will only have one opportunity to participate in this program.

Congratulations to all the successful candidates. We anticipate meeting you at the upcoming committee training session. Information regarding this training will be communicated in the coming days, so please be on the lookout for those details.