Shoot 'n' Hoops is slam dunk for charity

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DSU’s basketball players scored a slam dunk for charity with a tournament organised by our women’s basketball team – the DMU Pitbulls.

Shoot ‘n’ Hoops brought together students and members of the local community in a 10-team mixed gender competition on Saturday 20 February to raise money for the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust (JHMT).

Joe was just 14 when he died from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome while out jogging in 2012, and the trust was set up to raise awareness of SADS amongst other young people.

Paige Caldeira, chair of the Pitbulls, said: “SADS affects young people like ourselves and there’s no cure for it at the moment, so we’re trying to raise awareness and we’re especially trying to get young people in sport to take notice of it because it can happen to anyone.

“It’s something that not many people know about, and this tournament was a prime example as people came to play basketball and had no idea about the actual charity, but when they were told about it they didn’t realise how common it was in young people.

“Literally you could be here one day, and gone the next. In sport we feel like we need to look after ourselves and keep healthy and things like that, but you also need to know and train yourself on how you can be precautious about these kinds of things.”

Paige, a third year Creative Writing and Journalism student, said that the day went well especially considering it was one of the first events the club have organised.

She added: “It went really well and was really good, actually. It was one of our first ever charity events that we’ve put on as a society.

“It was a bit stressful, but it was really fun and the day went smoothly.”

Joe’s mum Angela and dad Steve came down to the event and were both impressed with, and grateful for, the effort that the girls had put in.

Paige said: “They couldn’t believe the turnout, they were so proud.”

The winners of the event were Jordan and Iverson’s Love Child, who featured members of the men’s basketball team at De Montfort Students’ Union.

Once all the money had been counted, the Pitbulls had raised an impressive total of £210 for JHMT and Paige said thank you to those who helped make the day a success.

She said: “I’m grateful to everyone who came, who supported.

“It’s definitely something that I want to keep on doing and keep a tradition, and get bigger and bigger.”

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