Nominations for the Zone Elections are now OPEN!

Nominations for the Zone Elections are now OPEN!

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You can nominate yourself in the Zone Elections from today. Nominations close on Thursday 5 November at 11:59pm.

Represent your peers by becoming a Zone Representative. Share your views and discuss ways to improve the student journey, making university life a more positive experience for all De Montfort University (DMU) students.

If you’re a current DMU student and will be returning to your studies in the next academic year, you are eligible to nominate yourself to become a Zone Representative.

At DSU, we have four Zones which represent different aspects of university life:

Find out more about Zones below:


What Zone can I nominate myself for?

For each Zone, there are at least 5 positions open for students to be elected in.

If you are eligible to run in more than one Zone, you can nominate yourself in multiple Zones – however, you will only be able to hold one Zone role after the election. You cannot hold roles in multiple Zones.

Open Zone:

There are 9 positions available in this Zone which you can nominate yourself for. Any DMU student can run for one of these positions.

Academic Zone:

There are 12 positions in this Zone that are available to Course Reps who will be studying at DMU in the next academic year. 3 Course Reps from each of the 4 faculties will make up this Zone.

Opportunities Zone:

This Zone is open to Student Group Committee members. There are 12 positions available and are open to the following:

1 x Demon Media Committee member

1 x Executive Chair

2 x Sports Club Committee members

2 x Faith and Cultural Society Committee members

2 x Academic Society Committee members

2 x Performance Society Committee members

2 x ‘Other’ Society Committee members

Welfare and Equality Zone:

This Zone has 5 positions available for the following Committee members:

3 x Faith and Cultural Society Committee members

2 x Volunteering/Charity Society Committee members

Nominate yourself today to become a Zone Rep!

What would I have to do as a Zone Rep?

As a Zone Rep you will represent DMU students, discussing ways and taking action to improve student life and inspire positive change across the university.

Each Zone is led by the relevant Executive Officer and a Chair will be elected at the first meeting. Zone Reps have a place in the Student Council (the Union’s largest democratically representative body) and will attend four Zone meetings and four Student Council meetings over the academic year. These meetings are spaced out to make it easier for students to attend.

Being part of a Zone is a fantastic way to represent your peers, campaign on issues affecting students and help shape your union.

Last year, Zone Reps worked on various policies affecting the university and union such as sports society memberships, the University Guest Speakers policy, a drugs policy, campaigns on climate change, wastepaper reduction, period poverty campaigns and many more.

What will I get from being a Zone Rep?

To be a Zone Rep is an incredibly rewarding experience as the training and knowledge you will gain through this will not only help improve your CV, but also give you skills and experience that will be very beneficial beyond university.


Nominating yourself

Elections for Zones will take place online through the DSU website. All current DMU students will be able to vote in all Zones.

Represent DMU students by becoming a Zone Rep! You can nominate yourself here. Nominations close on Thursday 5 November at 11:59pm.

For more information or any questions please email:


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