Stay Connected | An update from Ben

Stay Connected | An update from Ben

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An update from Ben | Stay Connected

Hi Everyone. Hope you are well.

As you are very well aware, due to the pandemic the nation has been put in another national lockdown and personally, this was the last thing I had hoped for going into the new year as I can imagine it was for you as well. However, through challenge comes triumph and we must do our best to get through this time together.

At De Montfort Students' Union (DSU), we are working tirelessly to continue to listen to your issues and raise them to the University and further. Each Executive Officer has taken a different area to lead on and I am leading on trying to help with ensuring that you feel part of a community and prevent loneliness during this time.

Lockdowns are detrimental to most people’s wellbeing and while I am unable to end the lockdowns, I can try and offer some support when it comes to your wellbeing through this time. One way to do this by going for a run or learning something new, these help you stay active and boost your wellbeing while in lockdown.

Whilst there are lots of ways to support your wellbeing, my main thought is that we must try and remain connected. I understand that it is hard and it is even harder building these connections at the moment however must continue to try. It is so easy at the moment to lose contact with each other and this doesn’t help your wellbeing or theirs. So, my advice would be to try and stay connected, if that is via Zoom or WhatsApp or even on the PlayStation or Xbox. It all helps. It is also good to keep checking in on each other, see how each other’s doing.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Speak to someone about how you are feeling it is okay to feel down and worried during this time, and there is lots of support available at De Montfort University (DMU), DSU and beyond.. But we will get through it together.

So, for the moment, stay connected, look after each other and we will get through this.