LGBTQ Liberation Officer and NUS Delegate Elections Results

LGBTQ Liberation Officer and NUS Delegate Elections Results

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The National Union of Students (NUS) Election and the LGBTQ+ Liberation Officer Bye-Election have concluded with the announcement of the winners for the LGBTQ+ Liberation Officer and NUS Delegates positions.

LGBTQ+ Liberation Officer: Christine Daniel

  • Christine Daniel secured the position of LGBTQ+ Liberation Officer.

NUS Delegates: 

The elected NUS Delegates include:

  1. Harshdip Singh Gill
  2. Marcel Aurelien Fuh Mansie
  3. Raheela Lambat
  4. Hayley Gule
  5. Mahek Rijhwani
  6. Muhammad Ibtesam
  7. Khadijabibi Mohamed Mamun
  8. Nerissa Doran

As NUS Delegates, they will represent the voices of students at De Montfort Students’ Union at NUS National Conferences. The delegates, reflecting a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives, have committed to addressing student concerns and working on initiatives that promote inclusivity and equality.


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