Know the facts when it comes to deferrals!

We know that student life can be tough. That’s why our Advice team have put together some guidance on what to do if life gets in the way!

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We know that student life can be tough. Sometimes, things that happen elsewhere can affect your academic work – and that’s why our Advice team at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) have put together some guidance on what to do if life gets in the way!

If an unexpected issue hits, this could affect your ability to show your true potential. Some students struggle through, submitting what they can and just dealing with a low mark.

For others, things can go really wrong and a lack of time and concentration plus poor judgement can lead to an academic offence. More about those here.

But, did you know there’s another way? De Montfort University (DMU) regulations allow you to ask for a deferral on your exams.

So…what is an exam deferral?
A deferral is where you’re allowed to postpone your exams based on unexpected and serious situations that could affect your academic ability. That includes acute illnesses or injuries, a flare-up of a chronic condition, the death of a family member or close friend or being the victim of a serious crime.

But you can’t defer based on minor injuries or ailments, symptoms of normal exam stress and anxiety, or failure to time-manage your workload.

How can I request one?
You’ll need to complete a deferral request form, along with evidence of your circumstances and sometimes even a supporting statement. Find out more here.

What’s the deadline to defer for undergraduate exams?
If your circumstances for deferring are known before your exams, your request needs to have been received by the end of formal teaching.

For end of session exams, that means Friday 28 April 2017 (for circumstances known before exams), and Friday 26 May 2017 (for those not known before exams).

These deadlines are strictly enforced so you must apply on time – but our Advice team can help.

Postgraduate students need to get in touch with their relevant Faculty Office to find out the relevant deadlines for deferring their exams.

Advice at DSU is a free, confidential and independent advice service provided by your students’ union. Our separate reception provides you with a private area to make appointments or discuss your problems away from the main students’ union reception.

To find out more about deferrals, click here. And for more about academic offences, click here.



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