Have you tried our new Accessibility Tool?

Have you tried our new Accessibility Tool?

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We have recently added an accessibility tool to our website to ensure all students can easily access all of our wonderful services!

This new toolbar was launched in September 2020 and, during that month, it was used over 500 times.

Benjamin Smith, our Welfare Executive is quite pleased with this upgrade.

“The Recite me toolbar helps students access the website, interact with us, learn more of what we are doing and how we can support them.

“It helps to take away the barriers that make it harder for some students to navigate our website, allowing them to get further involved in the DSU and everything we do.

The most used features of Recite me, during its launching month, were Screen Reader (78%), Styling (9.86%) and Translation (8.16%). But the toolbar has much more to offer, so feel free to explore it and take advantage of this extra support!

“It can read the writing out and change the language of the text which can help students understand what the website is saying,” continued Ben.

“The main advantages of this is that it allows more people to access our website in a way which is best for them.

“It makes it easier for people to get involved with DSU and helps them get more out of their university experience.”

To try Recite me you just need to press the “Accessibility tool” grey rectangle, on the top right corner of our website and select the type of support that would suit you best!




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