Freshers 2020 - DSU is here for you!

Freshers 2020 - DSU is here for you!

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Freshers 2020

DSU is here for you!

As we approach the new academic year we want to reassure you that DSU is still here for you! We will continue to support and welcome new and returning students to DMU throughout 2020!

DSU are working closely with the university and following the latest government guidance to ensure we can still provide you with the best possible experience during this Freshers period.

Freshers Tickets and Wristbands

DSU hosts and sells tickets to the only official Freshers/Welcome for DMU students. However, at the moment we haven’t released any tickets or wristbands for Freshers 2020. If you see somewhere offering DMU Freshers without our DSU logo, it’s not from us.

Be the first to know!

Make sure you’re the first to know and follow us on social media for the latest Freshers’ information, announcements and updates. All official Freshers updates and tickets will be branded with the DSU logo.


Adedokun Samuel Adediran
7:19am on 27 Oct 20 Hello, I just moved to the UK due to the fact that my visa came late, ever since few days ago that I moved to the UK, I've been trying to meet up with classes but its been difficult for me because I have missed a lot of classes. I have sent lots of email to reach out to my course-mates but I haven't received any reply. This has been difficult for me being the only one and no one to help. Please kindly reach out or help me with anyone maybe past students who studied MSc International Business and Finance (my course) or anyone doing International Business and Management. My email is Thanks.
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