Don't be a Prick

Don't be a Prick

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Hate, discrimination, or harassment is not tolerated at our university. This anti-bullying week we want to encourage everyone to reflect on their actions.  

Have you been a prick? We hope not... but just in case here are a few tips on how not to be: 


Think before you speak 

  • Your words have consequences. You don’t know what someone else is going through, nor do you know for sure how your words will be heard. #BeKind. 
  • 'Banter’ and ‘jokes’. Is your banter at the expense of another individual? Does the ‘joke’ target someone's physical appearance, religion, race, sexuality, or gender? If so, this sounds like prick behavior. 
  • What are you trying to achieve? What are you trying to achieve by being hateful or negative? The only thing you will gain is a bad reputation, a disciplinary from the university and potentially a criminal record. 

Practice self-awareness 

  • Check in on yourself.  How are you, are you doing ok? Is there something going on which could be influencing your actions? Take some time to reflect before you make any decisions. 
  • Put yourself in someone else's shoes.  Think about the consequences of your actions for the other individual. Would this be ok if it happened to you? 
  • Be a version of yourself you are proud of.  How do you see yourself? Think about whether your actions reflect who you want to be. If they aren’t this is a great opportunity to start making positive changes. 


Remove yourself from negativity 

  • Take a break from people who are hateful. Don’t be associated with their actions. 
  • Call someone out (safely) if they display prick behavior. Start the conversation about why their actions are not ok. 
  • Remember it is ok to outgrow certain individuals if their morals and behaviors do not match your own. 


Take responsibility 

  • Own up to mistakes. Apologize if you think you have been a prick. 
  • Learn and grow. Hold yourself accountable if you have displayed prick behavior and take the opportunity to better yourself. 


Treat everyone with respect 

  • No matter someone's, background, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion or race we are all human. 
  • Recognise and get to understand other people's boundaries. 
  • Remember everyone is different. Do not judge or make assumptions if an individual has different beliefs, likes, or dislikes. 
  • Do not peer pressure someone to do something they are not comfortable with. Check in with them and take a step back. 


We at DSU ask you to be mindful of yourself and others. It is important to recognise negative behavior to make positive changes for yourself, others, and society. 


Hateful behavior is not tolerated at DMU and if you are found to be involved in such behavior you will face consequences. 


If you have been affected by hateful behavior please see below a list of support options available at DMU and external: 


No Space for Hate (Support for hate and harassment) - 0116 207 8309 or 

24/7 Security team - 0116 2577642 or 

Mandala (Sexual violence and abuse support) - 0116207 8309 or 

Victim first (A free, independent, and confidential service supporting victims and witnesses of crime across Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland) - 0800 953 9595 or





Linda Sue Powdrill
7:46am on 15 Nov 21 Thank you for this very relevant
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