De Montfort Students' Union Student Council Meeting: Key Decisions and Discussions

Hear about the discussions had at the February Student Council Meeting.

De Montfort Students' Union Student Council Meeting: Key Decisions and Discussions

Date of meeting: 01/02/24

At the latest De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) Student Council meeting, a range of motions and concerns were raised, addressing both immediate and long-term issues affecting students and societies within the university community.

Student Councils play a vital role in promoting student engagement, empowerment, and democratic participation within the university environment. They serve as a platform for students to voice their opinions, address concerns, and collaborate on initiatives that enhance the overall student experience.

Motions Passed:

Health and Safety Training for Society Committees: A motion was proposed and passed, mandating that all society committees receive Health and Safety training to ensure the wellbeing and support of society members.

The Student Council motion calls on the Students’ Union to offer essential training to support society's functioning. This includes in-person sessions covering strategies for managing challenging individuals and basic medical training. Additionally, consistent communication with committee members on a termly basis is anticipated to facilitate ongoing development of essential skills and support the advancement of the society.

As this motion has been passed, the Executive Officer team will now work with DSU staff and undertake work to action the points raised.

Call for Reflection and Action on the Israel-Palestine Conflict: Another motion called upon DSU to reflect on and take action regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, advocating for peace.

This Student Council motion received amendments which were accepted. The amended motion calls upon DSU to reflect the stances of DMU students at the NUS National Conference. These stances are;

  • Condemn all hostage-taking and indiscriminate killing of civilians, destruction of property, homes, and essential infrastructure on all sides.
  • Call for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict, highlighting the destruction of critical infrastructure.
  • Demand an end to settlers' incursions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and condemn the bombing and occupation of medical facilities and universities.
  • Advocate for the protection of ambulances, healthcare professionals, and journalists under international law.
  • Call for the restoration of aid and amenities into Gaza and the unconditional release of all hostages and child prisoners.
  • Uphold International Law, investigate alleged war crimes, and respect humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions from all parties.
  • Demand an end to the Israeli apartheid system on all occupied territories and cessation of business with entities supporting apartheid.

The amended motion goes on to call DSU to take the following actions, to promote peace and end hostilities:

  • Assist, support, and facilitate student organizations wishing to send aid to those affected by the Israel-Gaza war through reputable UK charities.
  • Lobby DMU to aid students affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict by facilitating enrolment in courses or online studies and providing access to university resources such as the online library.
  • Support and assist students in lobbying local Members of Parliament to represent the opinions of DMU students regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict within the government.
  • Increase awareness and provide information about support services available to DMU students impacted by the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • To provide resources for students to educate themselves about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

As this motion has been passed, the Executive Officer team will now work with DSU staff and undertake work to action the points raised.


Elections Discussion:

The meeting also delved into discussions surrounding elections, including notifications and clarifications on the election process.

Further Discussion Points:

Society Support and Communication: Concerns were raised regarding the lack of support and communication from DSU, particularly regarding room bookings, society elections, and Freshers Fair stalls. Society committees expressed frustration over the difficulty in accessing resources and obtaining consistent communication from DSU officials.

Demon Media Resource Allocation: Demon Media, a student media organization, voiced concerns about the lack of resources provided by DSU, particularly in regards to website permissions and support.

Commercial Events and Engagement: Criticism was levelled at DSU for the lack of communication and engagement surrounding commercial events, with questions raised about the status of events such as Boom. Students expressed a desire for more engaging advertisement and updates regarding ongoing events and progress.

Academic Concerns: Students expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of progress on timetabling issues and a perceived focus on short-term wins over long-term solutions by DSU officers.

The Student Council meeting highlighted a range of concerns and challenges facing students and societies at De Montfort University. While motions were passed addressing specific issues such as Health and Safety training and advocacy for peace, broader concerns regarding communication, support, and engagement from DSU were also raised. DSU will address these concerns and work towards improving the student experience moving forward. The Executive Officers will be communicating their progress on these actions at the next Student Council and through our digital spaces.

Full minutes of the meeting will be uploaded in due course and you will be able to find them here.