De Montfort Students' Union 21/22 Impact Report

De Montfort Students' Union 21/22 Impact Report

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De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) is a student led organisation, we’re all about making sure your voice gets heard at all levels across the university, providing you with advice and support and helping you to make the most of uni life in every way.

As DMU students, it's important that you have complete transparancy about where the money given to us in the DMU block grant and the money you spend at the students' union is spent and how it benefits YOU.

For the academic year of 21/22 DSU has achieved so much in the interests of DMU students from one of our most successful officer elections, granting an additional £15,000+ to student groups, tackling over 1500 student cases, and so much more.

Read the report find out out the full impact DSU has had on your student experience.


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