Day of Democracy

Day of Democracy

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De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) will host its first Student Council meeting of the academic year on Thursday 12 December; this is purposely the same date as the General Election.

As a Students’ Union, we recognise that your voice matters and we encourage you to get involved with political discussions to improve your journey at University, your personal lives and potentially your country.
Due to the two important electoral events coinciding on 12 December, Mu-Hamid Pathan DSU’s Governance Coordinator, explains that “at DSU we will use this day as an opportunity to promote democratic participation amongst students as active citizenship.”

Alongside the encouragement to vote in the General Election, it is important that you are aware, that as a student, you are welcome to attend Council meetings and join the conversation. Mu-Hamid continues to say that our first Council meeting will be “the biggest democratic exercise of the Union this year as it will bring together all elected representatives from all 4 Zones alongside your elected Executive Officers and Liberation Representatives.”

Why is Council important to students?

We encourage all students to attend Council meetings to ensure that your opinion is heard. This is an opportunity to discuss and debate matters that will affect your Union as well as meet your elected representatives.

Not only can students participate in discussions but you are also able to raise proposals that the elected Council members can debate and work on; Council is your chance to voice your opinions and make an inspirational change to improve DSU and possibly DMU.

Within the meeting, there will be conversations regarding the running, management and progress of the Union as well as the different campaigns and projects that Zone members and the Executive Officers are working on. All of which are imperative to enhancing each student’s journey.

We’ve been working on a range of different materials for Council attendees to not only give feedback but to help to understand how the meetings should work, with all of its ins and outs. We understand that these meetings can seem confusing to some and have tried to break things down so that all students feel welcome and knowledgeable of how Council is run.

What about the General Election?

Not only is our Student Council on Thursday 12 December but it is also the UK General Election. With the vast amount of information being thrown out to the nation, it can be a bit overwhelming. We hope to break things down for you over the next week to ensure that you are making the right decision for you and understand what the results actually mean.

The General Election is an opportunity for you to vote for your local MP and this person will represent your constituency and interests in Parliament on a national level, so your vote matters.

Before you cast your vote, make sure to find out more about each party and what they stand for. You can find a full list of parties and their manifestos on the BBC website. Below you can find the manifestos for the main parties running for leadership in this election.

Click the icon to view the parties manifestos:




In the last election, 32% of the UK population did not exercise their right to vote which is why we encourage you to; voting is a great way to ensure your voice contributes to the wider discussions and decisions which will lead to changes to this country. This General Election is an opportunity to have your say on the big democratic decisions our country is currently making.

You can find out more about the General Election in Leicester here. If you don’t live in the city centre, you can find a fill list of the candidates on the Leicester Mercury website.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming Student Council or the four Zones, please get in touch with our Voice team at



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