DSU launch Strategy for the next 3 years!

The DSU Strategy 2019-22 is here!

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BREAKING NEWS: De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) has launched their DSU Strategy for 2019-2022!

The DSU Strategy is here! This document will highlight your students’ union’s mission, aims and key objectives for the next three years and will determine how we are run as a union.

The DSU Strategy was created after speaking to lots of De Montfort University (DMU) students, staff and key stakeholders to find out what we could do to ensure you have the best student experience possible.

WATCH: What is the DSU Strategy…

By 2022 DSU will fulfil our vision of making sure DSU is at the heart of your DMU journey. We will also accomplish our mission of empowering you to create an unforgettable journey by looking after your wellbeing, creating a sense of belonging and providing you with opportunities to get actively involved.

You can view The DSU Strategy in full here...

To ensure DSU are creating an unforgettable journey for you, we will prioritise our ‘golden threads’ and ensure they are running through everything we do. The DSU golden threads include…

  • Inclusion;
  • Investing in you;
  • Communication;
  • Celebrating you and your achievements;
  • and exceptional service.

Diya Rattanpal, Equality and Diversity Executive at DSU said: “I’m really excited to be sharing this with all the students and staff alike, it’s really nice for us to have clear aims and objectives for this year and the next few – it’s a great way to bring to bring student’s along for the ride!”

Katie Hobbs, Welfare Executive at DSU added: "Students and staff have had input into making the strategic plan reflect the views of our students and I am so proud of what we have created."

The DSU Strategy outlines clearly what we want to do to help ensure you have the best possible student journey. This includes…

  • Amplifying your voice;
  • Helping to empower you;
  • Building collaborative relationships;
  • Supporting your wellbeing
  • And creating a social hub.

As student priorities change, our DSU Strategy will adapt to ensure we are prioritising what is important to you. This year we spoke to you to find out what was most important to you and came up with our 2019-2020 priorities which our Executive Officer Team will lead on.

These priorities include…

  • Engagement
  • Wellbeing
  • Representation
  • Belonging

Kate Askew, Union Development Executive explained: “The DSU Strategy gives students the perfect opportunity to come on this journey of growth with us, and help mould our vision that we’ve created together.”

The DSU Strategy is for you so if you have any questions at all, please email dsucomms@dmu.ac.uk.