DSU Lets Move

DSU Lets Move

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Two men walking on a road, one with a bicycle

De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) are inviting you to take part in a new challenge. Even though we are stuck at home, it is important to get out safely where we can and do something that makes us feel good. However, during this time we know how hard it is to feel motivated. So, we decided to make a fun challenge for you all to take part in.  

The challenge:

Over the course of one month, we are asking you to see how many miles you can do in one month! Whether you want to walk, run, skip, skate, or fly. As long as you are getting out safely and moving! 

There are a few targets you can try to reach and each one comes with a little prize to both motivate you to next one or just show that you have achieved something for yourself. 

If you do: 

  • 10 Miles you will receive a Bronze Certificate 

  • 25 Miles will get you a Silver Certificate and the first 25 people will receive £5 vouchers 

  • 50 Miles you will receive a Gold Certificate and the first 5 people will receive £15 vouchers and the following 10 will get £10 vouchers 

  • *Terms and Conditions apply

To take part in this challenge send an email to dsucomms@dmu.ac.uk with your interest and then just keep track of how many miles you are doing! Whether this is by app, watch or map, however you choose. When you hit one of the targets send us an email with the proof that you achieved the goal, and even send in some pictures of where you went. There will be an extra prize for best picture! 

We know it is hard right now, but we hope this little incentive will help you do something for yourself and keep your mind and body moving. Remember to stay safe.  

Good luck! 

DSU Executive Team 



Terms and Conditions 

To take part in this activity and ensure fairness for all participants the following terms and conditions must be adhered to. 

  • You consent to DSU emailing you with your prize(s) 

  • You must complete this activity safely and only with members of your household or bubbles 

  • You cannot use any transportation such as cars, bikes, bus, trains etc. To ensure equality for all those participating. 

  • If you are struggling or wish to drop out at any time, please contact dsucomms@dmu.ac.uk 

  • This DSU initiative will take place between Tuesday 23 March and Friday 23 April 2021 

  • Any and all records of your miles must be sent in by Thursday 22 April at 12pm or else you will not receive your prize(s) 

  • You must track your progress through any software, app or other appliance that ensures approximate results are kept of how far you have travelled 

  • When a milestone is hit the comms team must be contacted with the email provided (dsucomms@dmu.ac.uk) stating your name, proof of miles, any photos of your travels 

  • There are a total of 40 prizes to be won including certificates and vouchers ranging from £5-£15 

  • Once we have received emails from the winners, we will send you a confirmation email confirming your proof and contact details (email) will ask what voucher you would like to receive 

  • We endeavor to send your prize(s) within 5 days of receiving your confirmation email 

  • If you do not respond to DSU’s confirmation email of your participation within one week you will miss out on your prize and it will be delegated to another participant 

  • Stay safe, have fun, and get moving! 


Sophie Calverley
1:32pm on 29 Mar 21 To participate in this challenge please email dsucomms@dmu.ac.uk
Sobechi Anyadike
12:51pm on 29 Mar 21 I want to participate in this milestone.
Mihaela Cristea
3:06pm on 23 Mar 21 I want to participate in this milestone.
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