Christian Union help make ScareFest a little less...scary

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One kind-hearted society from De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) has been busy helping fellow students on nights out.

The Christian Union were on hand at the Halloween ScareFest extravaganza earlier this month to offer help to De Montfort University (DMU) students by giving away free tea and coffee, sandwiches and water bottles.

Amy-Lee Farrow, Chair of the society, said: “As the Christian Union we really wanted to show [fellow students] that we love them and that God loves them.

“We hadn’t done anything like this for the past three years, but it just shows that we welcome everybody.”

The team were on hand from 12 midnight until 4am outside The Athena, where hundreds of students were enjoying DSU’s annual ScareFest celebrations.

Bethanie Piper, Secretary of the Christian Union, explained how a recent increase in membership meant that the group were now able to attend bigger events.

“We’ve really grown and now there is more of us to do more things,” she said.

“Everyone was really pleasantly surprised by what we were doing and there was such a good reaction to what we did. We’d completely run out of water bottles by the end of the night.”

And another member of the society’s committee has explained how helping fellow students doesn’t just show what the Christian Union can do; but makes their members feel good, too.

“I felt it was really cool that we could offer our help to other students,” explained Sam Adib, Treasurer. “We really enjoy it because it makes you feel good to help others who might need it.

“I think it was cool to do this because when other students see things like this they can see how we reach out to help people.”

You can find out more about the Christian Union on their page here. You can also find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.



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