BLOG: ‘The most wonderful time of the year...’

Colourful banners, wacky outfits, and a Facebook notification every 30 seconds. This can only mean one thing

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The following is a blog from De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) President Dan Winney regarding 'the most wonderful time of the year'...

Colourful banners, wacky outfits, and a Facebook notification every 30 seconds. This can only mean one thing – the DSU Elections 2017 are in full swing!

This is where every single De Montfort University (DMU) student has a chance to have their voice heard and vote for the people who will represent them during the 2017/18 academic year.

Voting is still open (just) and you have until 2pm on Friday 17 March to decide who will be the next leaders of your union. Over the last 12 months, we have seen some...erm...let’s say, interesting, decisions decided by a national ballot and therefore it is so important that you exercise your right to vote.

We have had such a strong field of candidates this year across all of the roles and I would like to congratulate them all on their hard work and commitment so far – I also recommend that at the weekend they put their feet up, relax and catch up on some much needed sleep!

Today also marks the first day of Varsity 2017 where we take on ‘that place’ down the road in 50 nail-biting fixtures and it’s sure to be the best and most competitive contest to date.

This year we are both mentally and physically better prepared than ever before with many league and cup titles already confirmed and I hope we can take this form into the Varsity series.

On Monday, I launched the Varsity rally alongside the Vice-Chancellor where I urged all those competing to ‘write your names into the history books’. I fully believe that we can win this year and I hope you do too.

Dan urged all of those competing at Varsity 2017 to ‘write their names into the history books’ at Monday's launch.

I also call upon all students, staff, and anyone who has an interest in De Montfort University to get involved. Try and attend as many fixtures as you can – as supporters, you play a far bigger part than you probably realise. I want us to be louder than the University of Leicester (UoL), out singing them at every match.

A massive good luck to all of those competing, let’s bring home the trophy!

Looking further ahead, on Wednesday 29 March, I will be holding a ‘Your Ideas’ (still working on the name…) day, where you will get the chance to discuss any ideas, comments, improvements that can be made in the union and around campus which I will then take forward.

At DSU, we are committed to being able to give you a platform to discuss your views and suggestions and I welcome you to come along, have a drink, and talk about how we can improve the lives of every student at DMU.

And as always, you can get in contact with me to discuss any issues.



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