An open letter to landlords | January 2021

An open letter to landlords including email template | January 2021

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An open letter to student landlords from De Montfort Students' Union's Executive Officer Team...

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You can read the PDF version of this open letter here.

If you would like to get in touch with your landlord or accommodation provider, please find an email template below:


Dear [Landlord/agency/provider], 

Attached is a letter signed both De Montfort and University of Leicester Students Union, urging private accommodation to support students wherever possible.  

I am emailing in the hope you will read and consider this request as many students are struggling with learning from home and feel like they are not getting the education they deserve.  The stress of completing a degree from home is already taking a toll, let alone worrying about trying to afford rent. Especially when many students can no longer work. 

Please consider reducing our rent payments or looking into a more feasible option and follow in the steps of Unite students who are offering rent reductions to students.  

Kind regards, 

[Your name] 

Supported by De Montfort and University of Leicester Executive Officers 


Davidson Cajes Chris
5:58pm on 12 Jan 21 Well-done job for being so thoughtful. I'm so proud of you all. More grease to your elbow!
Abdullah Marouf
2:33pm on 12 Jan 21 It is a good initiative. This can be a practical help for the students.
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