An Update from Aisha

An Update from Aisha

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Words by Aisha Ismail, Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive 

Hello everyone and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This is usually the time of year where we hear phrases like “new year, new me” or people set themselves targets and goals for personal records and reasons all in the hopes of a change the new year would bring. I however have always slightly disagreed with that train of thought, even though the clocks have just started a new and the dates have been reset, all giving the illusion of a new start line in the race of life, change is sometimes perceived as inevitable.

To that I say, don’t fall into the pressure that change is necessary because a new year has started. Only you can be the judge of that for yourself, as no one would know you better than you know yourself. Change is something that comes from within and I don’t think it should be limited to only occur at a certain time but it is something that should evolve with you. So just because someone around you is changing because a new year has started and you feel as if you’re not ready for change, that’s completely okay too.

2020 had been a testing year to say the least, I’m walking into this year with more hope, appreciation and acceptance of both myself and the changes around me.

But with that being said, there are some changes beyond our control, such as the ones made recently by the government. I know times are tough and scary right now but rest assured that the Executive team and I are working and trying our very best to make sure you, the students, are not at a disadvantage.

I’m sure you are aware of the recent email sent out to you all from us regarding the projects we are working on to combat the issues raised by you, so here’s a little update. Since the email, I have gotten in touch and set up a meeting with the Head of Careers at the university. I have also released a survey out to you guys to gather as much feedback and information to present in that meeting.

I thank you all for you response, cooperation and patience and would like you all to know that I have the utmost respect towards you all.


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