Response to the ‘Stonewall is stifling academia’ statement

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In June 2019, a statement was published in The Times newspaper titled ‘Stonewall is stifling academia’ and was signed by a multitude of academics, one of which being from DMU. This statement was recently brought to our attention by students and we were utterly shocked to have seen its content. We believe this statement to be entirely transphobic and discriminatory towards our students and we were left outraged by the opinions expressed in it.

As a union, we want to make it absolutely clear that these are not the views and values we stand for, and we believe that nobody’s identity should be minimised or denied in the excuse of ‘Academic Freedom’. As Executives, our collective aim has always been for our year in role to be carried out with full transparency, and we can only reiterate how extremely sorry we are for having not picked up on this statement earlier.

The University has assured us that they have dealt with this issue in the correct manner, and we wish to take this time to remind students that we are always on their side and understand how this may have affected you in a multitude of ways. If you would like to talk to us, please feel free to come into the Membership Office in the Campus Centre (1.01) where we have an open door policy or email us, our addresses are on the DSU website. We will always be here with a cup of tea, a listening ear and to be on your side, always.

On behalf of De Montfort Students’ Union,

Katie Hobbs, Welfare Executive

Aisha Ismail, Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive

Diya Rattanpal, Equality and Diversity Executive

Laura Flowers, Academic Executive


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