: Disabled Liberation Officer Champions Accessibility: University Updates Campus Map

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In a proactive move towards inclusivity, the University of Progression has announced plans to update its outdated campus map, thanks to the persistent advocacy efforts of Nerissa, your Disabled Liberation Officer. The updated map aims to provide crucial information highlighting accessible entrances and elements of each building, catering specifically to students with disabilities.

A Liberation Officer is a designated individual within an institution or organisation whose primary role is to advocate for the rights and needs of marginalized or underrepresented groups. In this case, Nerissa serves as the champion for disabled students, striving to ensure their voices are heard and their needs addressed within the university community.

Recognising the challenges faced by disabled students in navigating the campus environment, Nerissa took the initiative to lobby the university administration for improvements. Her efforts culminated in the development of a virtual campus map that goes beyond traditional maps by highlighting accessible routes and features within each building.

Nerissa told us “My main aim for this is hopefully less students are going to get lost, but to also make it easier for students with mobility issues to get around campus for the first time, and to know the accessibility information that they may need, without having to ask for it, or going through way too many steps to get the information for every single building that they might visit. My aim is to hopefully make students feel more comfortable on campus and at ease when joining the DMU community, as they can see how friendly and welcoming we are to disabled students, and that we have tried to make it as easy as possible for them to access any accessible information they would like” 

The virtual map will be easily accessible to all students, faculty, and visitors through the university's website and mobile app. It will provide detailed information on accessible parking areas, ramps, elevators, and other accommodations available throughout the campus.

With the updated campus map set to launch next term, the University reaffirms its commitment to promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all members of its community. Nerissa's advocacy serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that dedicated individuals can have in creating positive change within educational institutions.

You can find the map here.