We're here to #DeStressU this exam season

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The mood has changed a little on campus. It’s all got a little bit quiet.

For many of you it’s getting close to exam season and, for lots of you final-year students, we know that dissertation deadline is looming. That’s why the De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) exec team are running a brand new campaign to help you through what can be a very tiring and stressful time. Say hello to #DeStressU.

Amie, Dan, Adam and Keira will be in the Kimberlin Library Foyer from 11pm every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of May. They’ll be giving out free tea, coffee, snacks and stress balls to keep all of you night owls fuelled and motivated to get that work done!

Adam Redfern, VP Media and Communications at DSU, said: “We were all students once, studying in the library late at night and we could have done with stuff like this to get us through our gruelling tasks.

“As a result, we have decided to do this for students to guide and support them through this difficult and stressful time.

“The appreciation of students is phenomenal and to see the smiles on their faces was just truly magnificent. We are glad we made them happy.

“It is also a great opportunity for us to talk to students about the issues affecting them and to discuss how we can support them as DSU Executive Officers.

“We wish all students well in the final weeks of their studies and will be with them every step of the way.”

To further aid your revision, the DSU Shop have worked with your exec to put together some special study packs. The packs contain cue cards, post-it notes, sticky bookmarks and a free coffee voucher; all enclosed in a transparent pencil case which you can use in your exams. Priced at just £2.50, they’re a really helpful bargain and are available from the DSU Shop on the ground floor of the Campus Centre NOW!

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be tweeting some study tips, motivational words and general humour to brighten your day every Monday from now right up until the end of exams.

So chin up, and keep positive. DMU students you got this!


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