SVW: A Day in the Life

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Here at DSU we’re all about helping you do something unforgettable.

One of the best ways to make your student life exceptional is by volunteering; and to celebrate Student Volunteering Week this week we’ll have one new case study each day to show you not only how easy it is to get involved but what you can get out of volunteering.

  • on Monday we’ll meet Lauren Deacon, who volunteers her time with both Coppafeel and Leicestershire Police;
  • Tuesday it’s the turn of Dane Lakin who plays a big role in our very own swim and tri team;
  • Sacha Jones, chair of Dance Society, will be featured on Wednesday;
  • on Thursday we’ll feature one of DSU’s most committed volunteers, David Pilsworth;
  • then on Friday it's Chloe Norman, who has donated her time to our International Students’ Cafe as well as Oxfam;
  • ahead of one off events volunteer Tiffany Tangen on Saturday;
  • before we round off the week with MyUniPal mentor Natalie Billing on Sunday.


Mike Palmer, Peer Mentoring Coordinator, said: "The reason why we are doing this is not only to show off the great work that our volunteers are doing, but also to show them the real effects that they can have on people. This sort of work can really inspire people.

"Volunteering is also a great way of making yourself stand out from the crowd from an employability point of view because university is more than just getting a degree.

"I am volunteered as a student, and it is because of that I find myself where I am today."

And if these stories have whetted your appetite for volunteering, why not get involved with Student Volunteering Week at De Montfort Students’ Union? You can find out what’s happening in our preview here. Plus, for more information, read more about DSU Volunteering here.


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