Nervous About Coming to Uni? MyUniPal Can Help

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So the moment has arrived, you’ve got your results and you know you’re joining us at DMU. You’re probably really excited to come and join us and get involved in that all important society or sports club; or is it to move away from home for the first time; perhaps you’re really excited about your course; obviously there is the opportunity to make new friends for life; or perhaps you’re coming back to University to change your career.

We know all of this is exciting but we have also been told that for many of you all of this is a little bit nerve wracking and you’re just not sure what to expect. This is where MyUniPal comes in:

We set up a new scheme last year to help new students settle in to university life, MyUniPal. MyUniPal will match you up with another student based on what you tell us, that could be someone on a similar course, similar religion, a similar age or they could even be another student parent to support you throughout either your first term or your whole first year at University.

The great thing is that all of the things you may be worried or a little unsure about our MyUniPal mentors will have been through just a couple of years before when they were in their first year.

Your mentor will be there to offer you support and show you around, whether that be in person or online through our new e-mentoring platform. Who better to help you get to grips with uni life than a current student themselves.

We'll also give you the chance to get out and about to showcase the best of what DMU and Leicester city has to offer, whether that be partnering with Give it a Go or attending events that are legendary to the city such as the Diwali Celebrations. We’ll help you along the way keeping track of any progress with you and help you settle in and have the best start possible to your DMU Experience.

Signups are now open. We are accepting applications from new students and volunteers.

New Students: Click Here

Volunteers: Click Here

Still not sure if MyUniPal is for you?  Take a look at what some of our students have to say about us:




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