Join us for the first EVER Shape Your Future Conference

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*UPDATE: We've just announced the full running order for #SYFCon16! (Click here for high quality version).*


We’re inviting you to the first EVER student-led employability conference of its kind at De Montfort University (DMU)!

Shape Your Future Conference 2016, organised by De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU), takes place on Thursday 10 November and will showcase all of the ways that you can shape your future while at DMU and make yourself look as attractive to employers as possible.

Augustus Mbanasor, DP Education at DSU, said: “I am really excited about helping students gain the employment they desire. I have been involved with many of the initiatives myself and it has helped shape the person I am today.

“It is the first EVER student-led employability conference that has been held at DMU and the message about getting involved will come from students.

“That’s students talking to other students about their own experiences and why they should get involved with the opportunities that both DSU and DMU have.

“Tell a friend to tell a friend! This conference is for ALL students to attend. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the conference – you won’t regret it!”

The finalised line-up of speakers and presenters will be announced in due course, but will feature a session from DMU graduate Krishna Patel, who now works at LinkedIn and will deliver a session on the secrets behind your digital presence.

The conference will be the first of its kind at DMU when it takes place next month.

Ahtesham Mahmood, VP Student Activities at DSU, said: “I believe that when you are trading your sweat, tears and dedication for that prestigious DMU degree it shouldn’t just be a piece of paper that you are collecting; it should be complemented with real self-development.

“You’ll have spent at least three years here and we make that point about £9,000 being a massive fee to pay, but the worst thing you can do is pay that and only attend your lectures.

“There are so many opportunities for you here to really grow and to shape your future.”

Ahtesham in particular is excited about the fresh format for the brand new conference. He continued: “When we talk about student-led it’s through to the delivery of the whole conference. Each session will feature students discussing how they got involved and where they are now.

“I believe that having a student communicate that really delivers the message and shows off all the goodies that are on offer.”

Shape Your Future Conference 2016 is FREE to attend, but you’ll need to sign up first due to limited capacity. Head to the link here and get your name on an exclusive list!

You can also join the Facebook event here to network with other students heading to #SYFCon16.


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