Its time we #GetOnTheRoll

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Every year we now need to get into the habit of registering to vote, it is so easy to do here at De Montfort University! Simply log into MyDMU with your P number and it should automatically come up and you can follow the onscreen instructions.

By registering, the electoral roll is used for all sorts of stuff from loans applications to credit checks. Just by registering you are immediately boosting your credit rating as it shows what a great citizen you are! Hello new cheaper mobile phone contract!

Seriously though, what if suddenly the government wants you to vote on something you are really passionate about and you realise you haven’t registered. You are immediately silenced, not on the roll means no vote and means your opinion can’t be put to good use in the ballot box!

So do something amazing, take 2 minutes out your day and register to vote! Do it each year to ensure you are covered. The more students register, the more we are listened to by the government.

If you can’t find it on MyDMU for any reason, the link to register with your National Insurance Number is here

Do it now, and tweet us @demontfortsu with your fave rolls for #GetOnTheRoll.


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