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Are you on the committee of a sports team or society? Have you spent time helping out in the local community? Or volunteered your time elsewhere? Then it’s time to log your hours...

Tom Nicholls, Volunteer and Societies Manager at DSU, said: “It is really important to log your hours with us for any hours of volunteering you have done.

“That might be in the community, or getting involved with voluntary projects, running a society or sports team or volunteering with us at DSU.”

There are loads of ways to volunteer with DSU - check out our Student Volunteering Week roundup for more!

But why should you log your hours, you may ask? Well...

Tom continued: “It’s really important because all the hours you log go up on your HEAR Report that shows the extra curricular things you have done at university and makes you look brilliant!

“You’ll also get a certificate from your students’ union, and an invite to our free DSU Volunteering Awards evening.

“People get loads from volunteering. It gives you a break from your studies, which is really important and it boosts your CV references, experience, and most importantly confidence, which is massive.

“Volunteering gives you confidence of real world working, whether that is mentoring a child down to filling out risk assessments. We know that a lot of students don’t see the positive impact they will have had on other peoples’ lives.

“I would say it is a wasted opportunity if you don’t.”

The deadline for logging your hours if you want to attend the DSU Volunteering Awards evening is midday on Thursday 7 April. Otherwise, you’ll need to get them in before 31 July if you want them to appear on your HEAR Report.


All you need to do is click here to log your hours!


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Tom Nicholls, Volunteer and Societies Manager at DSU, says not logging your hours is a 'wasted opportunity'.


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