"It has been such a massive part of my life"

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It’s a privilege to be elected by your fellow students; it’s an honour to be given a mandate for a second time.

But that’s exactly what happened to both of De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)’s outgoing executive officers, Amie Chapman and Adam Redfern.

Both are moving onto pastures new from Friday as their second year-long terms draw to a close.

Amie Chapman, outgoing DP Education, said: “I feel like on the one hand I am ready to leave, but I am going to miss everyone so much – I might diagnose myself with DSU blues to try and come to terms with it all!

“It has been such a massive part of my life and there is no getting away from the fact that I will be sad to leave.”

Amie was first elected in February 2014. Asked what she would say to her younger self, she said: “I would tell myself to keep focused. You can achieve everything that you have set out to do and more.”

POWER COUPLE: Amie with fiancé and fellow DMU graduate Grant Blockley at his graduation last July.

She continued: “These two years have been really eventful and fast-paced and I managed to do what I set out to do.

“You might think you can’t make those big changes when you first take office and you feel a little bit like a fraud initially! But once you get going you realise you can be a voice for change.

“It takes a little while to adjust and all the people [at DSU] are here to help you make stuff happen.”

But the question of any elected representative – just ask David Cameron – is that of what legacy will be left.

“The fire station campaign was particularly cool because that put DSU in the wider community and into the city,” Amie explained. “To the general public it showed that we are game changers.

“I think on top of that, the fact that I have helped change the [course] rep system from the top down to the bottom and I think it is really important for people to talk about their own learning and it has allowed the faculties to work better.

“I think on top of that, travelling to and with De Montfort University (DMU)’s international partners was a big highlight. It’s been really cool to say ‘ooh, I’m just nipping to Athens’, or Singapore or wherever, and it is not something that initially crossed my mind but I have really caught the travel bug.”

Amie’s second year in office has been a challenging one, after having to step up to the role of interim President. She said: “Taking on extra responsibilities has been tough because I may have felt a little inexperienced at times, but it has been really good to get help from both the university and the students’ union.

“I am not afraid to say I have needed help, because that is the best way to work. The whole team have been monumentally helpful and supportive. I felt a bit like a duck on the water – calm on top but below water my little legs were going like mad!”

Amie will be taking a well-deserved break – but not for long. She says her immediate focus is her wedding to childhood sweetheart Grant on Saturday 13 August. “After that I’ve got a few things lined up which is a nice situation to be in,” she explained.

But what about Amie’s successor? “It has been a real pleasure handing over to Augustus [Mbanasor, incoming DP Education].

“I have known him for two years now and he has really grown as a person. He’s already shown all of the qualities of a great DP Education and I’ve got real faith that he will do brilliant things.”

“On a personal note, I’d just like to say a massive thank you to all my DSU and DMU colleagues as they have all been amazing and there is going to be a real gap in my life going forward.”

DSU would like to take this opportunity to thank both Amie and Adam for their service to the students of DMU. We couldn’t have done it without you!

We wish both Adam and Amie all the success for the future.

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