Have your say in the running of DSU

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DSU is inviting students to come and have their say on how their union is run at the upcoming Education and Activities Councils.

Education and Activities Councils are two democratic meetings, open to all students at DMU, which set the policies of De Montfort Students’ Union.

Education Council, on Thursday 28 January, will discuss all academic matters, while Activities Council on Thursday 4 February, relates to the other all important elements of university life such as sports, societies and volunteering.

These meetings are your opportunity to contribute to and discuss ideas towards what you believe DSU should be doing, helping to shape our policies and campaigns moving forward.

Elgan Hughes, Student Voice Manager at DSU, said: “The main thing for student councils is that they are policy decision making meetings where student members will discuss and inform policy.

“The main thing about policy is it directs what the student union should be doing.

“It's basically the highest decision making process the union has. The only one higher is the annual general meeting.

“Councils are a safe space for students to debate and bring up ideas to direct the way of the students’ union and put us on to the way they think the union should be operated and ensuring the union is doing the best it possibly can for its members.

“That's why we exist. We are for students, by students.”

The Councils also allow students to praise their executive officers on what they have done well and challenge them on what they could have done better.

Elgan added: “One of the other main reasons [of the Councils] is that they're about holding officers to account.

“The full-time officers have to produce reports and the students can scrutinise that.”

Both meetings take place in Hawthorn 0.45 at 5pm on their respective dates. Find out more on the student councils page here.


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