Get the balance right with our first Part-Time Job Fair

De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) are introducing Part-Time Job Fairs to empower students to know their rights as part-time employees.

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De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) are introducing Part-Time Job Fairs to empower students to know their rights as part-time employees.

These job fairs – which will help students get the work and student life balance right – will take place for the first time on Friday 1 November in the Campus Centre Atrium between 11am-3pm.

The campaign will become part of Uni2Know; our existing empowerment campaign to equip students with knowledge. These fairs will be introduced by Kate Askew, your Union Development Executive.

Kate explains: “I’m so excited to launch something I’ve felt so passionate about and fought so hard for since I first started my election campaign a year ago – regular Part-Time Jobs Fairs! This is something I have promised students since the very beginning and I’m delighted it’s come together.

The aim of this campaign is to empower students to know their rights when on zero-hour contracts or as part-time employees. Therefore, when students are in search for a job to support themselves while at university, they know what to look out for and what they are entitled to.

The increase in private student accommodation and the flawed student finance system is meaning more and more students are trying to keep afloat financially while studying at university.

In a recent study from NUS, 1 in 4 students spend all their income on rent hence why students in part-time employment is on the rise”

Can't make this one? Don't worry, the Part-Time Job Fairs will taking place multiple times throughout the year.

Kate continued: “Students have so much to think about from deadlines, to housing and look after their mental well-being so hosting regular part-time jobs fairs can hopefully lift the burden of struggling to find part-time work that can be balanced around their studies.

De Montfort University (DMU) does some incredible work to help students secure placements and excellent long-term graduate outcomes. However, as your students’ union, we are focusing on those students who need that extra income on a regular basis through part-time employment to invest in their personal well-being while making their studies a priority.

The end goal is that students will never have to make the choice between going to work to survive and attending their lectures.

At the fair, students will have the opportunity to meet a range of employers, give out their CVs, and take home application forms, recruitment packs and sign up to student-friendly agencies to find both temporary, seasonal, and part-time work.”

DSU have taken pride in selecting employers for the fair that share and promote our values within their work culture and encourage students to prioritise their studies while in employment.

If you have any questions please email

For more information about the Part-Time Job Fair on November 1, please visit the event page here.



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