Everything you need to know about the 2017 General Election

On Thursday 8 June, millions of people across the country will go to the polls and choose who they want to lead the UK. Here’s what you need to know.

Whatever some politicians might have you believe, you’re not actually voting for a Prime Minister on Thursday. Technically, you’re not even voting for a party, but instead selecting a Member of Parliament (MP) for your local area or constituency.

But what are you voting for? You can find out what each of the five major political parties is pledging to do in their manifesto below.


De Montfort University (DMU) students, academics and your De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) Officer Team came together at Be the Change last month and drew up ‘A DMU Manifesto’. You can find that here.

The city of Leicester is split into three constituencies, with the candidates for each listed below;

Leicester East

  • Independent – Sujata Barot
  • Liberal Democrat – Nitesh Dave
  • Independent – Ian Fox
  • Conservative – Edward Yi He
  • Labour – Keith Vaz
  • Green – Malanie Wakley

Leicester South

  • Labour Co-op – Jon Ashworth
  • Liberal Democrat – Harrish Bishnauthsing
  • Green – Mags Lewis
  • Conservative – Meera Sonecha

Leicester West

  • Independent – David Bowley
  • Liberal Democrat – Ian Bradwell
  • Green – Mel Gould
  • Conservative – Jack Hickey
  • Labour – Liz Kendall
  • UKIP – Stuart Young

If you registered to vote before Monday 22 May, you should have received a polling card through the post in the last few days. This will let you know which polling station you’re registered to vote at – but remember you can only vote at the station on your card. You can find a full list of polling stations in Leicester here.

Not in Leicester during the General Election? Find your constituency here.

…and now, a Party Election Broadcast from the Can’t Be Arsed Party.