Demon Media's Emily lands a job at the BBC

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A former member of De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)’s award-winning student media group has cause for celebration after securing herself a highly-coveted job with the BBC.

Emily Bunbury, 22, who graduated from De Montfort University (DMU) in English Language and Media and Communications last summer, is now working on the Antiques Roadshow as a runner.

The former Head of Live Events at Demon Media said: “For now, I’m sort of in the office supporting the planning process, and once they go on location I’ll be there as well, making the day go smoothly, hopefully.

“It’s all very exciting.”

Emily was invited to an interview with the BBC after putting her CV into their Talent Pool scheme and, after a successful interview, Emily got the job.

She explained: “I put my CV into the BBC Talent Pool. They rang me up when something became available and offered me an interview.

“I went and I got it, which is lovely!

“I was very happy. I didn’t really believe it for a while. It was only when I started that I believed that it was all happening.”

Emily, who started her role less than a month ago, is enjoying getting to grips with the dynamics of the job.

She said: “It’s really good, there’s quite a lot to learn and it’s different to what I’ve ever done before, but it’s all new and interesting and exciting.

“It’s really cool.”

After being heavily involved with Demon Media throughout her time at university, Emily believes that the experience played a part in her getting the job.

“I would say it was probably quite a big influencing factor, because I was Head of Live Events for Demon Media in my second and third years, and obviously Antiques Roadshow is just like one big event.

“It’s not just a TV show; people turn up on the day. So that kind of experience, I think, was what they were looking for, sort of TV and events combined, which I wouldn’t really have had without Demon Media.”

She continued: “[Demon Media] is pretty cool because you can have a go at anything. I had a radio show in second year, and I’ve done filming and editing, though didn’t do anything for the paper [sic], which I regret.

“In the real world, you can’t just go: ‘Can I have a radio show?’ and they give you one. With Demon Media it’s a good time to have a go, and if you fail it doesn’t really matter.

“Take a chance, I say!”

To find out more about how you can get involved with Demon Media, click here.

Emily (left) pictured at her graduation with fellow ex-Demon Media member Hannah Gorzelak (right).


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