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AbSoc the year Ahead

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Date Day Time (pm) Event Venue
03/11/2012 Saturday 12pm Eid al Ghadeer Trip Bradford Al Mirad
04/11/2012 Sunday 1-5pm Eid al Adha (legacy of ibrahim- hajj event) Masjid al Husayn
07/11/2012 Wednesday 7pm Eid al Ghadeer Event DMU/Leicester
14-23/11/2012   7pm Muharram (Transport) Masjid al Husayn
14/11/2012 Wednesday 10-3pm AAW Stalls UoL
15/11/2012 Thursday 10-3pm AAW Stalls UoL
19/11/2012 Monday 10-3pm AAW Stalls DMU
20/11/2012 Tuesday 10-3pm AAW Stalls DMU
26/11/2012 Monday   Skype Series DMU
03/12/2012 Monday   Skype Series DMU
10/12/2012 Monday   Skype Series DMU
17/12/2012 Monday   Skype Series DMU
30/01/2013 Wednesday   Wiladat of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) Birmingham
14/02/2013 Thursday   Valentines Event  
10/03/2013 Sunday   Mothers Day Event  
15/04/2013 Monday   Pray for an A / Elections Masjid-Al-Husayn
07/06/2013     Fairwell BBQ Park



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