PROFILE: Ali Alqahtani

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This Student Volunteering Week we’re telling the stories of just some of the fantastic volunteers at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU). Here’s Ali Alqahtani from the Saudi Society


Why did you get involved in Volunteering at DSU?

The reasons why I got involved in volunteering was to learn different cultures since I am an international student who was never in the UK before. Volunteering helped me to improve my employability and communication skills I need in my future. Also, I wanted to do something good for my society by helping them having fun and exploring many things they would not know because of their studies. Sometimes, students struggle with some courses and as a chairman of Saudi society I provided them with more than 20 free training courses in different subjects last year. Our activities were not focused only on DMU students, we have had meetings with different universities including: University of Hull and University College London. I am proud of being a member of Saudi Society at DMU!


What is the best experience you have had whilst volunteering?

The best experience I have had during my volunteering was when I was nominated to be the second winner (Individual society member of the term) at the Vice-Chancellor student activities dinner last year. It felt good when you rewarded for what you have done to your committee.


What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteering?

Volunteer! Volunteering is a valuable way to know what aspects of the DSU activities fulfil your interest, whether it be a recreational activity or a social justice-related activity or something completely different!  What you will gain from volunteering will be something amazing in your life. Volunteering will help you while you are doing your studies and it will also help other people in your committee.  Being a part of Saudi Society member since I joined the university in 2015 is the best part of my university experience.

Ali is the chair of DSU's Saudi Students Society.



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