Lauren Deacon : Coppa Feel & Leicestershire Police

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Lauren has been one of our most active and most committed volunteers leading the amazing Coppa Feel Uni Boob Team at DSU, whilst also volunteering in the community with Leicestershire Police. Lauren has put in hours of her own time to help others and raise awareness of national issues on campus. Read more about Lauren’s volunteering now...

Why did you get involved in Volunteering at DSU?

The reasons why I got involved in volunteering was to enhance my employability skills and give me more confidence as I considered myself quite shy.

Additionally in specific to the Leicestershire Police volunteering, I am interested in a career within victim support, so by volunteering with the Police it enabled me to gain and insight and flavour of my career aspirations.

In relation to the CoppaFeel!, I first came about CoppaFeel! By watching their documentary of Kris story (the founder of CoppaFeel!) and I felt that the younger generation are naïve to the fact they could develop breast cancer, and I saw Kris as a spitting image of myself and my twin sister. So I felt it was important to represent CoppaFeel! On campus increasing the awareness of breast cancer to students and enhancing my employability skills.

What is the best experience you have had whilst volunteering?

The best experience I have had whilst volunteering was fairly recently myself and the Uni Boob Team at DMU had the opportunity to go to London and watch ‘celebrity dodgeball’ where the likes of Tom Fletcher, Mario from Towie, Russell Howard and many more where there raising money for CoppaFeel!.

What would you say to anyone thinking about volunteering?

Volunteering has given me the best opportunities in terms of career directions and making connections and enhancing my employability skills. In specific to CoppaFeel! this has given me the opportunity to make a difference on campus, which has been light hearted and fun.

In reflection I think that volunteering helps build who you are during your time at university, to do something away from your studies which could make a difference and enhance you as a person, is an opportunity which cannot be missed. 


If Lauren's story of volunteering has inspired you, then visit DSU Volunteering and see what you can get involved in today.



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