Emilia Mellow : Girl Guiding UK, Craft & Guide Dog Societies

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Meet Emilia a former DMU Student who graduated in 2015 having studied Criminology and Criminal Justice, Emilia was also an active volunteer with a number of organisations and societies whilst studying. In this case study Emilia talks to us about her volunteering whilst at DMU and also how she feels volunteering helped her get into employment following graduating.

What Volunteering did you take part in and what did it entail?

Girl Guiding UK is a charity groups for young girls, we teach the girls new skills, ideas and help them achieve in any way we can. Whilst being part of Girl Guides I have run sessions on first aid, craft and creativity, female empowerment and critical thinking.

The Craft society was a group that I founded and ran, we taught new arts and craft skills in the hopes that it would provide people with new skills that they could use to create new piece and also provide therapeutic sessions such as knitting and crochet.

The guide dog society was created to raise money and awareness for an amazing charity to helps those in need gain a lifelong friend and partner that can also help them lead a more relaxed lifestyle.

What do you feel you have gained from Volunteering?

I gained the confidence to believe in myself and my ideas. I gained the experiences I needed to give myself some guidance and direction so that I could make an informed decision on what type of career I wanted to become involved in after I graduated from university and it also helped me realise that there was certain jobs that I was not suitable for.

What skills do you feel you gained from Volunteering at DSU?

I learn some many new skills from being a voluntary that were important, I learnt how to lead a group effectively, I learnt how to plan and use my initiative and became resourceful. 

I learnt how to respond to stress and pressure in a more appropriate way and keep my emotions under control, and finally I learnt how important it is to both be respected and to respect others and appreciate the hard work that people put into their work

Finally, how have you used the Volunteering you did to get into employment following graduating?

I currently work with children with special educational needs in a high school, I would not have had the experience or confidence to do my job if I had not volunteered at both girl guides and the craft society. The guides gave me the confidence to work with children and the craft society gave me the confidence to teach and help aid people. I am currently setting up an art lunch time club at my


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