MyUniPal Summer Training

Volunteer Mentor Training - Summer 2016

We have had lots of new first year students signing up to MyUniPal who are looking for support, guidance and a friendly face to support them through their first year at university. Attending the training is compulsory and we really need you trained ASAP as first years are literally waiting for you! Some of you have attended the drop in sessions which is amazing and we now need to get the rest of you trained so you are ready to go and support new students. Because there is a lot of you we have decided to do one BIG session and get you all together for one training session.

If you attended the drop in you will only need to attend the final hour although you are welcome to come to the whole session!! The session will take place in the Students’ Union which is now in The Art Factory.

Details are below

Date: Wednesday 28th September
Time: 4pm until 5.30pm
Location: Ground Floor, Art Factory

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