Open Days

Open Days are an excellent opportunity to help us showcase DSU – who we are, what we do and our wonderful Campus Centre home. Open Days are remunerated at TOIL and a half (subject to confirmation from your line manager). For each Open Day, the following staff are required;

  • 1 x Manager
  • 1 x Staff
  • 1 x Officer Team
  • 2 x Student Champions

It is suggested that all DSU staff work at least one Open Day a year. The Officer Team are expected to split the Open Days between them, with support from Student Champions. Please contact Jonathan Whitney to put your name down (and you'll get a free lunch...).

Upcoming Open Days




Student Champions

Saturday 10 November 2018 Penni Robson
Gladys Wakatama
Mollie Footitt Tyler Arthur
Vivian Nwagboso
Saturday 8 December 2018 Joe Stephenson
Holly Harris-Cardew
Lydia Turner Gavin McMinn
Suresh Vaddiraju
Saturday 12 January 2019 Louise Hammond
Lauren Heria
N/A Gavin McMinn
Connall Pugh

What will I be doing?

Staff working Open Days will be based at and around the main DSU Reception on the ground floor of the Campus Centre answering questions and speaking to prospective students and their families about DSU. You'll also be picking up groups from the main campus tours to show them around our Campus Centre home. A full explanation of what's involved can be found here.

You'll be working from 8.30am until 3.30pm (at the latest). Parking is available at any DMU car park other than the main one. Lunch is provided at Trinity House for working DSU staff, Officer Team and Student Champions (the manager on the day should be provided with the vouchers for this).

Officer Team Presentation

A member of the Officer Team (or one of the Student Champions, as appointed by the Marketing and Communications Manager) is expected to deliver a 25-minute presentation at 12.15pm in Hugh Aston 3.02 called 'How to get the most from your DMU experience'. The presentation is held on a USB stick looked after by Jonny. This is a great opportunity to engage a large number of prospective students and their families (in a slightly more formal setting), so please do take some We Are DSU booklets with you to distribute!