Pay and grading

Pay and Grading


DSU operates the same pay and grading system as De Montfort University.  All core staff (i.e. non casual staff) are paid and graded in line with the Single Salary Pay Spine.  This determines what salary you are within the assigned grade to your role, your contractual annual leave entitlement and your notice period which applies.

All staff within this framework received two pay rises per year as follows:-

  • On 1 April, staff receive an annual increment which means you will move to the next point within your grade i.e. if you currently earn £18,940 (C12) on 1 April 2017 you will automatically receive an increment to the next point which will be £19,485 (C13).  This will continue until you reach the top of your scale.
  • On 1 August, staff also receive the annual cost of living rise.  This is something which is agreed through the Trade Union UNISON and is not something that DSU has control over.  The outcome of what is agreed is communicated to staff when announced and staff should be aware that there is no guarantee that cost of living will always apply each year.

It is important to note that whilst we endeavour to apply either the incremental increases or the cost of living rise from the month in which it applies, sometimes this is not possible.  Where that is the case, the payment will always be backdated to the correct date.