Academic Study

Employees of DSU are fortunate to be able to apply for academic courses that are ran by De Montfort University for FREE.  This is a fantastic resource that can be accessed as part of your professional development and we encourage you to take advantage of what will undoubtadly play a pivotal part in your both your role within DSU and your future career.

If you are interested in taking up an academic course, please discuss this with your line manager in the first instance.  Due to timing and ensuring you secure a place, it is advisable to raise this during your annual appraisal meeting at the start of the calendar year in preparation of an application being submitted during the Summer months.  

There are effectively three parts to the application process:-

  1. Recommendation from your Line Manager to complete academic study
  2. Approval of funding from the University
  3. Acceptance onto the course through the relevant faculty

Once you have sought approval from your Line Manager, you are able to complete the funding form available here which needs to be sanctioned with a supporting statement from your Line Manager and then signed by the CEO.  Please then return the completed form to Louise Hammond, to send onto DMU and to ensure a copy is filed in your personnel record.

Whilst completing your funding form, you should contact the faculty in which you are intending to study and complete the application forms they require.  Again, please ensure a copy is provide to POD for your personnel record. 

When the faculty approves access to your chosen course, POD will confirm funding direclty with the faculty.